Today’s Scrip-Bit 22 June 2009 Colossians 3:21‏

Colossians 3:21      Fathers provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged.
Yes my Friends, though Father’s Day is officially over, in reality a father’s work is never done. In fact, no parent’s work is ever done, for once you’ve brought a child into this evil world, you have a responsibility to nurture and guide them even when you depart this world and go to dwell with God. Then it’s your duty to look over them as a guardian angel. My children weren’t thrilled when I told them that my job was to raise them as close to perfection as possible, and I didn’t think I was doing such a good job. In my old age though children, I must admit I’m doing a little better. (smile) Now according to Bruh Paul’s directive; ‘Fathers provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged,’ I don’t think what I told them should have angered or discouraged them for most of the time it was the truth. And if you’re honest children, you’ll agree. (smile) Though they might have been better than others, their standards were still too low. And remember Friends, what elevates one thing, one person, one family, one society above another is basically their standards. High standards generally means better quality, and if we want to truly follow Jesus, then we must aspire to high standards in all areas of our lives, for our Saviour’s watchword is ‘excellence.’ Now though Bruh Paul advises that we shouldn’t get our children angry for fear of discouraging them, there’s also the need to tell them like it is, and don’t whitewash the problem to appease their poor li’l souls. And Friends, that’s a major problem in our society today: Parents are afraid to stand up to their children, especially single mothers. The sad part is that the girl children are just as bad as the boys in this over permissive society. My mother was a single parent, working two jobs, long before that was the norm, but when she said jump, yuh think I could ask why? No! I had to ask, how high? Now she wasn’t abusive, not even overly strict, but she brought me up to understand responsibility, and when she laid down the law, that was the law. She was providing for my every need, she was paying the piper, so she had the right to call the tune. But nowadays we’ve given our children so much leeway that they are abusing it. As I said yesterday, a simple no to a minor request is liable to get our children up in arms. Then if you slap them for disobeying, they jump on the phone and call the cops, the same cell phone you bought and are paying for. The cops come and lock you up for child abuse. But we wonder why we have such a disobedient, disrespectful, violent society. Hn! And I’ve seen this happen to my Friends. My children though were warned from the very beginning; the day I hit you for some wrong, and you call the cops, then yuh better let the cops find somewhere else for you to live yes. And I meant it. Luckily for all of us, they never got much spanking cause they didn’t deserve it. But when you do, you should get it. The old adage; spare the rod and spoil the child is oh so true. Sol, that wisest of men, even said it long ago. ‘He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that LOVETH him, chasteneth him betimes.’ (Prov.13:24) And if our God, who LOVES us so deeply, chastens us, it’s quite in order, moreover our duty to chasten our children when necessary. Oh Friends, this permissive society, where the children rule the parents just doesn’t sit well with me. And it’s happening more each day. Even the grandparents who were strict with their children, are allowing their grand kids to get away with the proverbial murder. Remember a child displays what it learns, even at a young age, and if it’s allowed to be undisciplined and throw tantrums from the very start, what can you expect but an undisciplined, tantrum-throwing adult. You still can’t plant corn and expect to reap peas. As parents we have to take the bull by the horns, teach our children to be responsible, then demand it from them. Let them know in no uncertain terms that they will pay for their wrongs. The sad part is that this has now become a worldwide phenomenon, basically because we’ve gotten away from God, or whatever deity you worship, because I believe that all of them, in their pure forms, teach the same basic ideas of peace and LOVE. We’ve stopped teaching those basic principles to our children, and more importantly, stopped leading lives that reflect God’s position. In the verse right before Today’s Bit, Bruh Paul advises; ‘Children obey your parents in all things: for this is pleasing unto the Lord.’ (Col.3:20) But my people, if the children don’t know the Lord, that won’t mean anything to them. And that’s our fault. But they certainly do know Lucifer, who advertises to them the selfish mantra, I can do whatever I want; it’s my life and my right. Now that’s another failing on our part; giving the children the impression that they are born with all sorts of rights. Hn! They have no clue of how their ancestors suffered, fought and died to get the freedom we now have, and which the wealthy and evil are trying to claw back everyday. They have no idea about slavery, upon which the West was built; or feudalism upon which Europe advanced, nor any of the other suppressive and oppressive systems that mankind has laid upon each other’s neck. Ah Friends, we do them a serious injustice by not educating them on those things, so they can realize that life is not a lark, and good living only comes from productive labour and a disciplined life. Even if you want to be a successful crook you have to work darm hard at it. That’s why so many of them are in jail today. They are fooled by the supposed easy gangster life that’s now so prevalent, but crime only pays for the few who are smart and work harder than the others. If you think it’s an easy life, then you either end up in jail, or the grave at a tender age. Oh Friends, I sincerely hope that what I’ve written here makes sense and will help us to do better, because I feel believe that overall, we haven’t done a good job in raising our children in a godly atmosphere. We haven’t even come close to God’s opinion of Abraham: ‘For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgement.’ (Gen.18:19) And that’s a sad reflection on us. But it’s not too late, cause God is still on the throne, and if we’re serious about bringing them back to Him, we can, not through anger or displeasure, but more through TOUGH LOVE, like the Lord does with us. And please remember, it’s our job, not anybody else’s to raise them as close to perfection as possible. More tomorrow, God willing. Much LOVE!…don’t spare the rod…else you’ll spoil the child…

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