Today’s Scrip-Bit 29 June 2010 Luke 8:10‏

Luke 8:10     And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.
‘WAS IT WORTH IT?’ Oh Friends, that was the blaring headline in Monday’s Toronto Star newspaper. And the secondary headline of the editorial article answered it quite appropriately. ‘A brutal spectacle that failed a city and its people!’ And that’s the living truth my people! But what amazes me is the blatant hypocrisy of our leaders. Our Prime Minister had the audacity to insist that the meetings ‘that turned Toronto’s downtown into an armed fortress and sparked window smashing protests and mass arrests was all worth it’ Gimme a break! Worth it to whom? Him and his foolish henchmen? Let me quote some of his words as reported by the Star. ‘We obviously deplore the actions of a few thugs. But the reality is, unfortunately, that these summits attract this element and (that) has been a problem, as we know, around the world. That said, I think that goes a long way to explaining why we have the kind of security costs around these summits that we do.’ Chuh! Foolishness! None of the other summits had such extravagant, exorbitant costs or security barriers. And if you know that those meetings attract the anarchist element, why in God’s name do you continue having them? It certainly strikes me as being irresponsible to know that untold destruction will occur, yet still proceed with a grand show that produces no serious benefit. Surely none to match the negative incidents. It just means that you don’t care about the people, your people and their city, their welfare, their everyday life. Like hosting an unproductive spectacle to the world, which only seems to boost your ego, is more important. I’m also disappointed by the simpering platitudes of President Obama, great friend of Canada, thanking ‘our wonderful hosts.’ Then adding; ‘The success of these summits is a tribute to Canadian leadership.’ Steups! What success eh? What about the serious damage that took place, a lot of which might never be undone? I’m sure he didn’t give that inane speech in Pittsburgh last year, after the riots at the summit held there. I guess you’d call it diplomacy, politically correct hypocrisy. And then there’s Mr. Flamboyant French President Sarkozy, who, when asked about the value of our billion dollar travesty, gave the same simpleton, diplomatic answer about it’s always useful for the world leaders to meet face to face. Why? When they accomplish nothing worthwhile and only cause serious damage and destruction! I want to see his reaction next year, if he’s still in power, when the meetings are held in Paris, though I’m sure he won’t spend as much money on the security. Oh Friends, I’m finished my rant now. I know some of you won’t agree with me, but that’s what democracy and freedom of speech is all about, although those values are being watered down everyday by fear mongering and increased police and military powers. But when I see our fair city, already struggling to stay afloat with serious monetary, transportation and other problems, being unceremoniously dumped on by an egotistic leader, it brings out the anger and disappointment in me. I surely would like Mr. Harper and his cronies to tell me how the billions of dollars wasted this weekend, between security, food, accommodation, transportation, loss of business and employment income, riot damage, etc, will benefit the estimated four or five billion of earth’s six billion people who are living in dire poverty, and the large percentage of that who are also living under severely oppressive and violent conditions? And all this talk about a global economy, that’s only another ploy, an easy way for the rich capitalists to move their money to wherever they can get the best return. They’re not really interested, and I doubt if they ever were, in building the quality of life for the people in whose countries their money is invested. As soon as the standard of living begins to rise and eat into their profits, whoosh! They’re gone to some other undeveloped country they can rip off. Oh Friends, I don’t know what’s the best system for running or governing our world. There might just be none, if the leaders are all selfish, egotistical, greedy crooks. And you’d notice too that in the latest economic fiasco, the rich didn’t really get poor, they just got less rich, while the poor certainly got poorer. The rich continued living the rich, extravagant lifestyle, using the taxpayers’ money to pay for their greedy stupid mistakes, while those same taxpayers were struggling to buy bread. And now they’re talking about the recession being over? Over for whom? Possibly the rich who are recuperating what they lost. But definitely not for the poor working man on main street, who is still losing jobs, and pensions too, as more companies succumb to bankruptcy, whether real or legal ploy. Oh Friends in Christ, our world seems to be falling further apart rather than getting better. And one of the problems is that many of our leaders claim to be believers. Hn! But judging from their words and works, you’d never believe that. Why are they so blinded by the evil machinations of Lucifer and his iniquity workers eh? Is it simply a case of there’s none so blind as those who refuse to see, or does it go deeper than that? There are so many varying opinions and dissenting voices in our society that one no longer knows what’s up or down, what to choose, or whom to believe. However my people, the good thing for those of us who believe in and follow Christ is that in spite of all the varying opinions and voices, we’re graced with a solid foundation that hasn’t changed or been moved, not even slightly eroded, in eons, and will never change. That foundation is the Word of our God, wherein is found the premium way to live this earthly life. My people, we have no choice but to live in the world, but thankfully we don’t have to do everything it calls for, because we already have the Lord’s Law written both on paper and in our hearts. What a blessed day that we were given the wherewithal to know the mysteries and secrets of heaven and understand what it’s all about! Please, I beg of us, let’s not follow the world’s lustful nonsense, but rather let the Word and the Holy Spirit of Jesus that dwells in us, guide our lives. That’s the only way in which we can make some sense of the nonsense that surrounds us, and live a decent earthly life. Please, let’s allow the Law of God to guide us, for you can see all over the world, the insanity man’s law creates. I know after reading this Bit some of you might think I’m insane, (smile) I can assure you I’m not. I’m angry, disappointed, innocent, naive, many things, but not insane. The whole point of life Friends is to stick up, to stand up for what you profess to believe in and not be bullied into anything ungodly. One thing’s for sure; this too will pass, and a brighter day will shine forth on some tomorrow, because our God is a LOVING, merciful, forgiving God of second, third, and fourth chances. So let’s keep praying, keep trusting, holding steadfast to our faith, for when we stand strong and sure with our God, any and all things are possible. Much LOVE!…the only solution to the world’s problem…a LOVE Revolution…

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