Today’s Scrip-Bit 30 June 2010 2 Chronicles 6:35‏

2 Chronicles 6:35     Then hear thou from the heavens their prayer and their supplication, and maintain their cause.
Oh Friends, the fallout from Summit 2010 has begun; a parade of about a thousand strong on Monday to protest police brutality; further clogging of the already clogged court system with bail hearings for the hundreds of protesters arrested over the weekend; a gaggle of mayors (smile) ‘dissing’ the whole thing and refusing to have any kind of summits in their cities; and our bright, how many thousands strong police force admitting that they were surprised at the breakaway tactics of the Black Bloc, a supposed Quebec based anarchist group, despite their infiltration of the movement. It seems the Bloc had a well-planned strategy to break away from the main body of protesters and unleash the physical destruction. And it seems to have been perfectly executed. To make matters worse, the secret search law passed by the Provincial Cabinet giving police sweeping powers and authority over searches and arrests is being challenged in the Courts as a possible violation of the Charter of Rights. The law that the govt should have passed though is that people not be allowed to take part in protests with their faces covered. That’s what the Black Bloc did; marching down T.O’s thoroughfares with their faces covered by balaclavas, hoods, handkerchiefs and other face coverings. That particular act of covering one’s face in public should be permanently outlawed. It’s already moving through the court system on another front, but no arguments should even be entertained on the subject. This is supposedly a free country and we should all be able to see the face of someone talking to us, or passing us by. In these fearsome times, that law should be a no-brainer. Meanwhile, the main thing on the minds of those devastated business owners is obviously, who’s going to pay for the damage? Now that’s an easy one to answer: the poor working stiff! He’ll pay, as he always does, either through higher insurance premiums, or through his tax dollars if the Feds do the right thing and cough up some cash. Oh Friends, I’m going to leave this Summit problem alone now, but unfortunately the fallout from it will continue for a long time. And to take our minds off that disaster, I have a nice quote to share, by one of our most esteemed English poets, John Keats. I’m sure John had no idea how immortalized his name would become from writing these eight, simple words: ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’ Wow! And it really is my people! Look at all those beautiful things that have brought joy to our lives over the years; whether they be people, places, books, monuments whatever, and even if they’ve died or been destroyed, they still remain with us as hard pictures or as pictures in our memories. They never truly die, but happily live on from generation to generation. Oh my brethren, that’s what should be happening in our world today; the wise, ongoing creation of beautiful things, places and people to glorify our God and bring us joy, instead of the widespread sense and state of destruction we seem hell-bent on. Oh Friends, I don’t know what else to say…yes, it does happen occasionally (smile) except to invoke Cousin Sol’s prayer on our behalf, when he long ago dedicated the temple in Jerusalem to the Lord God Jehovah. He solemnly asked that if the people abided by the Lord’s will, he referred to war, but I’m pleading for any and everything, ‘and they pray unto thee toward this city which thou hast chosen, and the house which I have built for thy name; Then hear thou from the heavens their prayer and their supplication, and maintain their cause.’ (2 Chr.6:34-35) Oh my people, the greatest weapon in a believer’s arsenal is prayer. So let’s use it nuh, but for wise and godly purposes. The problem with too many of us is that we don’t pray until a situation becomes desperate, when we figure we can’t do anything about it. But Friends, then it’s often too late. Prayer should always be our FIRST response rather than our LAST! Do you think our God’s happy when we rush to beg Him to alleviate a situation in the last minute? Certainly not! As faithful, trusting believers in Jesus and all that He stands for, we’re expected to make heaven our FIRST port of call on all and every matter, from the very simple to the very complex. Consequently Friends, I’m asking us to do some more praying; for ourselves, our friends, families, strangers, enemies, our cities, societies, the world. Whenever we have a spare moment, sometimes we need to make that spare moment and just pray, pray for whoever or whatever is on our minds. And I’ll let us into a secret here. Recently a li’l angel whispered a zeppo to me, stating that the Father was unhappy and displeased at the small number of prayers that were being floated heavenwards. With the great number of followers He supposedly has on earth and all the problems, people and otherwise that needed praying for, the proportion of prayer requests being received was rather miniscule. (smile) Oh Friends, I’m just trying to inject a little humour here, but it’s really a serious matter, and if we were able to check, we’d truly find the prayer requests to be disproportionate. I’m sure if we interviewed every believer, the majority, if truthful, would agree that they don’t pray enough. Well let’s change that nuh mih breddren! Let’s all try and ramp up our prayer life. And note, it’s not only about the amount of time we spend talking to God that matters, but also the quality. I know the Lord would be only too pleased to communicate with us on even the smallest, nonsensical issue we can raise. That’s how much He LOVES us, and LOVES to communicate with us. He’s just like a doting earthly parent, only too willing to listen to any blabber from their children. So Friends, let’s try communicating with our heavenly Father some more nuh! It can only enrich our lives and our world. Much LOVE!…a true believer…takes EVERYTHING…FIRST…to God in prayer…

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