Today’s Scrip-Bit 28 September 2011 Psalm 119:97‏

Psalm 119:97.    O how I LOVE thy law! It is my meditation all day.
Oh Friends, what a contradictory world we live in eh! Imagine thirteen people dying from listeria through cantaloupe infection in the U.S. in this highly technical and sophisticated age. They keep telling us to eat more fruits and vegetables, but every year there’s some serious outbreak of sickness from fruits or vegetables. Also a simple thing like washing hands has to be continuously trumpeted and put in our faces because it seems the more technologically advanced we become, the less sanitary we get. Hospitals, where you’re supposed to be healed and cured from illness, are now also some of the biggest carriers and perpetrators of disease. I remember growing up and considering the hospital the safest place in terms of illness. Not now though! Ah Lord Friends! What’s safe nowadays eh? It seems like nothing except the Word of the Lord, as our Bit highlights. ‘O how I LOVE thy law! It is my meditation all the day.’ The Lord’s Word definitely won’t sicken or kill us Friends! Instead it will make us strong and keep us from illness, cause when we follow it, we will do healthy things, pursue healthy and godly activities. Now how many of us can categorically and sincerely claim that we LOVE the Lord’s law? Certainly not as many as ought to! And even fewer can truly claim that they meditate on it all day, or even a lot of the day. That’s not good enough my people. To be true followers or members in any organization, we must know the rules and regulations of the particular body and then loyally follow them. It’s no different for Christianity. The rules are God’s law found in the Good Book, rules that we should know pretty well and then follow to the best of our ability. Unfortunately though, as followers of Christ we have been tested in that area and seriously found wanting. It’s like the complaints Christ had against the seven churches in Asia found in Revelation Chapters 2&3. On the outside we seem half decent, but on the inside where it really counts, we’re not truly faithful. Again it boils down to talk versus action. Our talk greatly outweighs our action, which should not be so, because Christianity is an action movement, and in any case actions always speak louder than words. As James says: ‘Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.’ (James 1:22) And also: ‘What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him?…Show me thy faith without thy works, and I will show thee my faith by my works.’ (James 2:14,18) Sadly, we Christians are not living up to our cause, else our world would be in much better shape than it currently is. Too many of us are still too concerned with the lusts of the flesh and the worldly pursuits. But we can’t be of Christ and of the world too. There’s no fence sitting. As James also tells us: ‘A doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways.’ (James 1:8) So my brethren, we have to make up our minds whom we’re going to follow; Christ or Beelzebub. And if we choose Christ, then we must seriously learn His laws and then faithfully pursue them. It’s the only way we can keep Christ’s Church alive and growing. Oh Friends, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of delving into God’s law, of knowing it, of meditating, contemplating and thinking about it during our waking hours, because it’s God’s law that gives us guidance and direction for living a joyful, righteous and full earthly life. Without God’s law to lead and guide us, we’d be lost, be falling for the evil wiles and lies of the enemy, and going down the garden path to sure death and destruction. But that’s not what our wonderful God wants for us. He wants us all to eventually come to salvation and eternal life, while experiencing a long, happy and faithful journey here on earth. We can’t do that though unless we first lean the rules for doing so. Here’s an epic bit of scripture that shows the importance of learning God’s law and keeping it. And it goes way back in time when the Lord commanded Joshua in no uncertain terms. ‘This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth (shall constantly be in thy mouth); but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.’ (Josh.1:8) Yuh see Friends, directly from the Lord’s mouth to us. Study My Word, keep it, and you’ll be successful. What’s so difficult in that eh? Our fathers listened, obeyed and were successful. But we believed that it was our own strength that made us successful, and because the Lord’s given us freedom of choice, we think we can do whatever we want. Yes, but not without serious consequences, when we choose the wrong path. And there’s no doubt that our generation has done that, therefore we’re seeing and feeling the disastrous repercussions right now. Oh my people, I’ll close by reminding us for the umpteenth time, that the wisest choice we can ever make on this earth, is to learn the Lord’s law, LOVE it, and follow it. More on this tomorrow, our God in favour. Till then, please, let’s read His Word, meditate on it, and try our very best to faithfully live it. Much LOVE!…to be considered wise in God’s eyes…we must first seek Him and His Word…

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