Today’s Scrip-Bit 30 September 2012 Jeremiah 7:28

Jeremiah 7:28.    But thou shalt say unto them, This is a nation that obeyeth not the voice of the Lord their God, nor receiveth correction: truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth.
Oh Friends, one more day is dawning in our lives and in the annals of History. When this day is reviewed in our lives, what will it look like eh? And when it’s written in the historical records, what will be the overriding story? Right now only the Lord God Jehovah knows the answer to either question, which means that He is wiser and more knowledgeable that us. We can only make all sorts of guesses, but there is no guarantee that we will even come close to the truth. Meanwhile, the Most High God, He of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has already planned what will happen all over His creation today. But yet still too many of us refuse to acknowledge His awesome power and wisdom. And Just like He told Jeremiah to warn Judah, re the punishment for their rebellion, I believe He’s telling us the very same thing now, as embodied in our Bit. ‘But thou shalt say unto them, This is a nation that obeyeth not the voice of the Lord their God, nor receiveth correction (instruction): truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth.’ Oh my people, I don’t know if at any time in the last few hundred years there’s been a generation that has ever repudiated and rebelled against our heavenly Father like this one. Our sinfulness and lust for earthly pleasure is overwhelming. In fact it knows no bounds. We are doing everything that the Good Book tells us not to do and not even considering the repercussions. The evildoers are trying every tack and trick to get rid of God completely from our society, and unfortunately are being comparatively successful. That means unless the Christian element reverses itself and stands up strong for what we’re supposed to believe in, God will eventually be removed or shunted off to some small, remote part of our society, with the possibility of persecution very likely. Oh Friends, when are we going to learn that rebellion against God, and disobedience to His Will and Word don’t pay, but always bring disastrous consequences eventually? Listen to the Lord’s directive to Jeremiah, re the spiritual and civil corruption amongst the Lord’s people. ‘Declare this in the house of Jacob, and publish (proclaim) it in Judah, saying, Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not, which have ears and hear not: Fear ye not me? saith the Lord: will ye not tremble at my presence, which have placed the sand for the bound of the sea by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass it: and though the waves thereof toss themselves (to and fro) yet can they not prevail; though they roar, yet can they not pass over it?’ (Jer.5:20-22) Obviously this generation doesn’t fear the Lord, otherwise evil would not be as prevalent and pervasive. And if we continue with that telling passage from Jeremiah 5, the Lord continues: ‘But this people hath a revolting and rebellious heart; they are revolted and gone (departed). Neither say they in their heart, let us now fear the Lord our God, that giveth rain, both the former and the latter, in his season: he reserveth unto us the appointed weeks of the harvest.’ (Jer.5:23-24) And isn’t that the living truth Friends! Remember the extensive drought filled summer we’ve just recently experienced, and the poor harvest that we’re going to reap this year? Obviously not, because as far as most of us are concerned that has nothing to do with God. But are we ever so wrong my brethren. It has everything to do with God! And sadly, I’ve yet to see a time in my three decades of life, when there’s such little respect or fear of God, even with all the untimely and unnatural calamities that are currently and constantly befalling us. But listen to these next verses, as the Lord detailed Judah’s problems, and in this age, our own. ‘Your iniquities have turned away these things, and your sins have withholden good things from you. For among my people are found wicked men: they lay wait (lie in wait), as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men. As a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full of deceit: therefore they are become great, and waxen (grown) rich. They are waxen (grown) fat, they shine (are sleek): yea, they overpass (surpass) the deeds of the wicked: they judge (plead) not the cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper; and the right of the needy do they not judge (defend). Shall I not visit (punish) for these things? saith the Lord: shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this? A wonderful (an astonishing) and horrible thing is committed in the land; The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means (own power); and my people LOVE to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?’ (Jer.5:25-31) Yes my people, that’s the billion dollar question; what will we do in the end? I don’t know, but my advice is for our society to turn back as quickly as possible to truly worshipping and serving the ONE TRUE GOD, who created and still controls this universe and everything in it. And I have to note the scholars’ explanation on the second to last verse above. ‘Judah’s sin is so exceedingly evil that it is described as being appallingly horrible and staggeringly wonderful (wondered at in shocked disbelief).’ Now doesn’t that sound just like our society? It sure does? And Friends if we don’t quickly clean up our act then in the Lord’s own words, here’s what’s liable to happen. ‘Therefore hear, ye nations, and know, O congregation, what is among them. Hear, O earth: behold I will bring evil (calamity) upon this people, even the fruit of their thoughts, because they have not hearkened unto my words, nor to my law, but rejected it.’ (Jer.6:18-19) Oh my people, it’s extremely urgent that we return to God’s path asap, because from Jesus’ description the end times are in the offing. Exactly when, only the Father knows. But there is certainly too much calamity in the world for it to just go away. Our world is like a smouldering volcano, just waiting for the right moment to erupt. So what will it be Friends; self-destruction, God’s punishment, or conviction and repentance? For our children’s sake, I urge us to choose the latter two options, and quickly too. That’s the true zenith of wisdom. Much LOVE!…I have set before you…life and death…blessing and cursing…therefore choose life…that both thou and thy seed may live… (Deut.30:19)


Today’s Scrip-Bit 29 September 2012 Job 42:1-2

Job 42:1-2.    Then Job answered the Lord and said, I know that thou canst do everything, and that no thought can be withholden from thee (no purpose of yours can be withheld). 
Oh Friends, it’s no lie, what goes around, comes around! I’m referring to a newspaper article I read earlier this week that claims someone in Egypt was arrested under the Blasphemy Act for destroying a Bible. And instead of creating a storm of anger and causing unnecessary destruction to lives and property, all God’s people joyfully shouted: ‘Glory Hallelujah!’ What’s good for the goose should also be good for the gander. It’s time people of other faiths have respect for God’s Holy Word and don’t irreverently desecrate or destroy it. How truthful the story is, and what will happen next is another story, but it should at least cause others to stop and think before they damage the Good Book. And on a brighter note, here’s something I read a while ago in a booklet on Bruh Joseph. It’s called The Leader’s Prayer: ‘Lord, when I’m wrong, make me willing to change. When I’m right, make me easy to live with. So strengthen me that the power of my example will far exceed the authority of my rank.’ Yes Friends, we all need to develop our leadership skills because as followers of Christ, we are all leaders in our own right; leading people to Him, and we can’t do it properly without knowing how. Neither is there an easy way to learn it, for good leadership skills are born of adversity, per the many examples in the Bible and real life. And as the song, I think it’s the ‘Gambler’ by Kenny Rogers says; we have to know when to hold and when to fold, and we can only accomplish that by working with and through Almighty God. And we see that in our Bit, when Job finally submits to God. ‘Then Job answered the Lord and said, I know that thou canst do everything, and that no thought can be withholden from thee (no purpose of yours can be withheld).’ Before that, Job thought he was doing so good and even through his friends’ admonishment, he still stuck to his claim of righteousness. Then God challenges him out of the whirlwind. ‘Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? Gird up now thy loins like a man, (prepare yourself); for I will demand of thee (question you), and answer thou me.’ (Job 38:2-3) God then goes on to show Job his ignorance in Chapters 38-41. And at last in Chapter 42, Job humbles himself before the challenging questions of Almighty God. ‘Who is he that hideth counsel without knowledge? Therefore have I uttered that I understood not; things too wonderful for me, which I knew not. Hear, I beseech thee, and I will speak: I will demand of thee (question thee), and declare thou unto me. I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear; but now mine eye seeth thee: Wherefore I abhor (despise) myself, and repent in dust and ashes.’ (Job.42:3-6) Oh Friends, sadly, many of us fall into the category of doubting God, or thinking that we know much more than we really know, but it’s all a lie, and comes from false pride in our frail mortal powers. Listen to the scholars explain those first six verses of chapter 42; ‘The point of all God’s questions was not lost on Job: he has a new awareness of the wisdom of God’s hidden plans, a new sense of the limits of his own wisdom, and a new sensitivity to his own sin. He admits that his has been a limited perspective, and he totally submits to God’s will and authority.’ That’s exactly what many of us need to do my people. Instead of blowing our own horn, we need to truly bow down to the Creator and Master of our universe, pay Him the total homage that He so richly deserves, humbly submit to not only His will and authority, but also to His infinite wisdom and knowledge. As He rightly says, His thoughts and ways are so much higher than ours, (Is.55:8-9) so how can we be more knowledgeable than Him eh? The same sort of thing happened to Sarah and Abraham when the Lord promised them a child of their own loins in their old age. Sarah laughed, and Abraham had his doubts. But just like the Lord straightened out Job, He straightened out Sarah and Abraham with some biting words. ‘Is there anything too hard for the Lord? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.’ (Gen.18:14) Oh my people, why are we so hard headed and stubborn eh, and continually doubt God’s awesome power, in spite of all the instances we have of it? Remember Jesus’ words to the disciples: ‘It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.’ (Matt.19:24) And the disciples were astonished, wondering then, who could be saved. Then Jesus replied: ‘With men this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.’ (Matt.19:26) And that’s gospel truth Friends! Unfortunately though, many of us say it, but don’t really seem to believe it, judging from the way we act. And yet again, Jesus declared in His time of sorrow in the Garden of Gethsemane, shortly before His crucifixion, when He tearfully prayed to the Father. ‘Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt (will).’ (Mark 14:36) And the scholars make an interesting observation here. ‘By the word Abba, Jesus addresses God with the household term for Father. This was unheard of in Palestinian Judaism at that time. It points to Jesus’ unique relationship to God.’  And Friends, because of Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross, we also have a unique relationship with the Father, where we can come to Him without fear of rejection. So please, let’s not think too highly of ourselves, for whatever reason, or too little of our God, because that’s a sure formula for destruction. Much LOVE!…it is God who gives us life…and the wherewithal to sustain it…so it’s foolish to exalt oneself above Him…remember the rich, proud, selfish fool…(Luke 12:16-20)

Today’s Scrip-Bit 28 September 2012 Psalm 120:1

Psalm 120:1.     In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and he heard me. 

Oh Friends, I must say that I’m not as bright and bubbly as I was yesterday because my allergies are acting up. They had me feeling real lousy earlier on with the sneezing and sniffling, but I eventually took some medication and they are settling down now. And though I’m still not 100 %, my heart is still encouraged in our God. Praise Him for His tender mercies! Nonetheless, today is Friday, and as my buddy James remarked when I asked how he was doing: ‘Rough mih brother. Ah work out mih soul case this week. But yuh know what… Thank God is Friday yes, and the weekend soon come!’ Yes Friends, the weekend is here for us to rest up and refocus ourselves. So as always, let’s chant our Friday Chant with much enthusiasm nuh, while eagerly looking forward to the couple of days off. All together as one voice now: ‘Oh Lord, thanks for getting me safely through another week of work! It hasn’t been easy, but with your generous help, I made it through. Now, please help me to get sufficient fun, fellowship, rest and relaxation in these two short days off, so that I can be renewed and refreshed in soul, body and mind, to go back out and do it all over again next week, furthering your glorious kingdom with each step I take. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.’ Ah mih people, we have to keep our lives totally focused and in the right perspective at all times, otherwise we’re liable to fall prey to the evil of Beelzebub. But even when that happens, we ought not to fear, for as our Bit so faithfully declares: ‘In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and he heard me.’ Yes my brethren, that’s exactly what we need to do when we’re under any stress or strain. The psalmist, befuddled by the wrong that was being done to him, continues: ‘Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue.’ (Ps.120:2) Ah Friends, many of us have personally experienced the harsh and often wrong criticism, ridicule and deceitfulness cause by others spreading lies and false innuendo. And we know that it hurts a lot, for as Willie Shakespeare claims in one of his plays – I don’t remember which one – if you steal my purse, you’re stealing trash; but my good name, my integrity, now that’s a horse of a different colour. So our good name and integrity do mean a lot, especially to believers operating under Jesus’ triumphant banner. We cannot allow our character to be besmirched, because it reflects badly on our Saviour and our faith. But the wise thing to do, if and when that happens, or any calamity at all strikes us, is to first cry out to God for help. I can tell you that from personal experience, since there are many times I’ve cried out to Him for one reason or another, some of them when I couldn’t find a Bit or figure out what to write. And the good news Friends, is that our God has always helped me to come up over my problems. And on the matter of crying out to Him in distress, there’s no better example than Jonah in the belly of the great fish. Though Jonah was disobedient to God’s directive, spending some time in the fish’s stomach woke him up to the reality that his God was both powerful and merciful. ‘Then Jonah prayed unto the Lord his God out of the fish’s belly, And said, I cried by reason (because) of my affliction unto the Lord, and he heard me; out of the belly of hell cried I, and thou heardest my voice.’ (Jon.1:1-2) So Friends, if the Lord could forgive Jonah for his disobedience when he cried out in distress, why won’t He hear our cry when we’re wronged and persecuted eh? No reason whatsoever my people! Bruh David hit the nail on the head when he declared in Psalm 34, the Lord hears the righteous: ‘The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry…The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles. (Ps.34:15,17) And nobody knew that better than Bruh David. Then again in Psalm 65 he’s correct, when he says: ‘O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come.’ (Ps.65:2) And that’s the gospel truth Friends, as Isaiah proclaims on the Lord’s behalf. ‘For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the Lord, so shall your seed and your name remain. And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord.’ (Is.66:22-23) Oh my people, there’s our God talking, and He doesn’t talk simply for talk sake, but because He wants us to get to know Him and His ways. And one of the things He sincerely wants us to know and do is to come to Him in prayer; cry out to Him when disaster strikes, for He’s totally interested in our welfare, the way a good, kind and merciful God should be about His subjects. So Friends, please don’t be afraid or ashamed to call upon His Holy Name when things get rough, for that’s what He desires of us. Remember that even Jesus cried out to Him when the going got tough, so why shouldn’t we, mere mortals that we are. Much LOVE!…what’s the purpose of having a God…if you can’t cry out to Him for help in times of trouble…



Today’s Scrip-Bit 27 September 2012 Ephesian 6:12

Ephesians 6:12.     For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 
Oh Friends, oh Friends, the ole fella’s extremely bright and bubbly this morning! Wow! I can’t even wait to write the Bit, my enthusiasm level is so high. Don’t ask me why I’m so enthusiastic this early in the morning, because nothing in particular happened over the past twenty four hours to excite me this much. I can only guess, that like Bruh David, my efforts to encourage myself in the Lord are working. (1 Sam.30:6) And all I can say is: ‘Praise be to the Lord our God, who never rejects those who seek him with sincere hearts!’ Now here is a chorus from a song by Ras Shiloh that I heard yesterday and found it rather appropriate to our current world situation. Ras Shiloh melodiously chants: ‘Give a little LOVE. Show a little LOVE. Live in righteousness. Give a little LOVE. Show a little LOVE. That’s what the world needs today.’ And isn’t that the God awesome truth my people! LOVE given and shared is about the only thing that will tone down the raging fires of hate, anger, greed, violence, cruelty, oppression and suppression that are terrorizing our wonderful world today! And undoubtedly that giving and showing of LOVE needs to start with us Christians, because the evildoers are not interested in the beautiful emotion of LOVE. However, LOVE is the mainstay of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, that’s why He sacrificed His, Holy, sinless life for us. If the Godhead that we worship didn’t LOVE us so much, none of that would ever have happened. So it’s our responsibility to keep that LOVE going…and remember, with no conditions attached – unconditionally. That’s a very important part of the whole equation my brethren. It’s our bounden duty to rise up and further the LOVE Revolution that Jesus started. And here’s the best way to begin doing so. It comes from the title of another song, one by Mavado, simply titled, ‘HOPE and PRAY.’ Yes Friends, before we can achieve anything worthwhile, we first have to engage in those two actions; HOPE and PRAY. For without HOPE we won’t last very long in, or be very attentive to any activity in which we’re involved. And without PRAYER… Oh Friends, I don’t need to tell us that without SINCERE PRAYER to our heavenly Father, most, if not all of our activities will get bogged down in failure. That means we need to first have HOPE for our families and ourselves, our neighbours, our nations and our world. Then we have to PRAY SINCERELY for the Lord to bless us and move the LOVE, mercy, forgiveness, truth, wisdom and understanding that He’s already sown in our souls, in a faithful and positive manner, so that we can make serious inroads into the evil that currently has our world in its vice-like grip. It means that we ‘be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.’ (Eph.6:10) Unfortunately though my brethren, the wickedness of Lucifer has spread all over, upstairs, downstairs and sideways, like the tentacles of an octopus. That’s why our Bit warns us so strongly about the fight we’re in. ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world (age), against spiritual (hosts of) wickedness in high places.’ It’s obvious that a lot of the evil that’s permeating our world must be in the high echelons, otherwise it wouldn’t be as pervasive and powerful as it is. Many of us would be surprised to know of the great amount of demon worship that happens in high places. It brings to mind the high places in the Old Testament where the Israelites in their rebellious times worshiped foreign gods. The only difference now is that we’re doing it much more secretively. That’s why Bruh Paul says we need to ‘Put on the whole armour of God, that we may be able to stand against the wiles (evil schemes) of the devil.’ (Eph.6:11) And the armour of God, as Bruh Paul declares in Eph.6:13-18, consists of; the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the sandals of peace, the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit, the Good Book. Oh Friends, unless we’re fully dressed in that spiritual armour, we’ll have an exceedingly hard time fighting the evil demons that are trying to take over our world. So please, everyday we awaken, let’s first dress ourselves in that armour. Even if we’re not leaving home, it’s still important to put it on, because we never know how, when and where Lucifer and his evil minions will strike. They can attack us right in our own homes. And we’ll end with some interesting and important words on the subject from the scholars. ‘Several activities in the Bible may involve demons. Sometimes they cause physical disease or mental suffering. However, not all mental disorders are demonic in origin. Demons also tempt people into immoral practices. They originate and propagate false doctrines taught by heretical religious groups (1 Tim.4:1). The Bible also teaches that some people were possessed by demons (Mark 1:23). Although demons are committed to do evil, God will use them to accomplish His plan during the end of the age (Rev.16:14) Illustrations: Demons are also objects of worship in various occult practices forbidden by God. These include divination (an illegitimate means of determining the will of God), necromancy (efforts to communicate and interrogate the dead), magic (using formulas and incantations), sorcery (perhaps the nonmedical use of drugs), witchcraft, and astrology (Deut.18:10-12) Application: When the Ephesian Christians who were “dabbling” in the occult repented, there was a great revival in that place. No Christian can ever justify his participation in demonic activities. (Ex.7:11; Eph.6:12; Heb.1:4) There you have it Friends. No participation in demonic activities. Rather fight them to the death in our spiritual armour. Please pay serious attention to this message, because if we’re not prepared, Lucifer will breach our souls and cause us much heartache. Much LOVE!…if you’re not properly attired for battle…then you’ve lost before you’ve even begun…  P.S. Please read the scriptural references provided by the scholars. They are authentic and will give us greater understanding of the subject. Much LOVE!

Today’s Scrip-Bit 26 September 2012 Psalm 130:7

Psalm 130:7.     Let Israel hope in the Lord: for with the Lord there is mercy, and with him is plenteous redemption.
Oh mih people, it’s a brand new day, with brand new mercies, blessings and forgiveness from our wonderful God! Wow! What a God! So let’s rejoice and be thankful in it nuh. And all God’s people shouted a loud and grateful, ‘Praise ye the Lord, for He is worthy to be praised!’ Yes Friends, our God is indeed worthy of all the praise we are capable of giving, and then some more, for He’s promised that all who come to Him in sincerity of heart will be accepted, LOVED and cared for until eternity. That’s why I’m telling you today, that ‘In dreams and in LOVE, there are no impossibilities!’ Now I don’t remember where I got that quote from, but it’s been up on my office wall, in big red letters, for the longest time, and after noticing it earlier on today, I decided to share it with you. At times like these, I ask myself why put up all those words of encouragement around the office, when I don’t pay any attention to them? I guarantee that there’s enough stuff on the walls, my desk, and my filing cabinet to encourage me in whatever situation is necessary. But do I go to them, as I should, when my spirit is at low ebb, or do I even read them as I pass by them everyday? No. And as I look over to the wall on my right, I notice a calendar that’s still turned to May, while we’re in September, almost October. Hn! I have an excuse for that though; two other smaller calendars on my desk. (smile) But that calendar still shouldn’t be saying May in September, when I pass by it quite a few times everyday. Anyway friends, please don’t be like me. If you put up stuff to encourage you, then read them, so that you’ll be encouraged, otherwise it’s a waste of time and effort. And I promise to do better also. (smile) Now let’s turn to our Bit. ‘Let Israel hope in the Lord: for with the Lord there is mercy (LOVING-kindness), and with him is plenteous (abundant) redemption.’ Yesterday we dealt with the first part that speaks of HOPE in the Lord. Today we’ll check out the second half that talks about His mercy, LOVING-kindness and plentiful redemption. And believe me Friends, our God is full to overflowing with all those things. If we live till eternity, we’ll never see the end of His awesome cache of mercy and redemption because that’s simply a part of His nature. And it would certainly stand us in good stead if we developed some of those attributes ourselves, for we’re supposed to be a reflection of our Creator, made in His own image, which means we also need to have plenty mercy and forgiveness. Now let’s check out some scriptures that validate the truthfulness of the second half of our Bit. We’ll start with Psalm 86, a prayer of Bruh David, when he bemoans: ‘Teach me thy way O Lord.’ In verse 5, he declares with strong faith: ‘For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee.’ (Ps.86:5) Then again in verse 15, he staunchly declares the goodness and mercy of our God. ‘But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, long-suffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.’ (Ps.86:15) Ah mih breddren, I don’t know what would become of us with our sinful, rebellious nature if our God wasn’t so kind, patient and merciful with us nuh. Next we’ll turn to Psalm 145, where Bruh David talks about the Lord’s graciousness. He states these facts with utter certainty. ‘The Lord is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy. The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.’ (Ps.145:8-9) There is no hint of doubt in them Friends, because Bruh David lived them; saw and experienced the mercy, kindness and compassion of the faithful God of his fathers. So if Bruh David, a man like us with plenty faults, and bigger problems than we’ll ever encounter, can put his trust in and depend wholeheartedly on the Most High God, why can’t we do likewise eh? Please remember though that the Lord didn’t just flood Bruh David with His mercies and kindness, he had to work and struggle too, with the many personal enemies, including Saul and his own son Absalom, plus those of His nation Israel. But whatever came against him, he stood strong and firm in his faith, and for that the Lord considered him righteous. Please note my brethren that Bruh David’s heart was right from the very beginning, as Samuel told Saul when the Lord took away the kingdom from him. ‘The Lord hath sought him a man after his own heart.’ (1 Sam.13:14) We obviously have to clean up our own hearts too, and bring them into right standing with God, before we can expect a whole lot of good stuff to happen to us, amongst all the trials and tribulations we’re normally going to bear in this sinful world, and even more so as followers of Jesus, since that’s where the Lord looks before He decides how to react to our prayers and actions. Hn! A sentence worthy of Bruh Paul. (smile) As Isaiah so rightly proclaims: ‘Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.’ (Is.55:6-7) Oh my people, there is NO God like ours; Jehovah, the ONE, TRUE GOD, Creator and Controller of the universe and all therein! Please believe that and act accordingly. And we’ll end with some more wonderful words on the nature of our God from the prophet Joel, when he called Israel to repentance. ‘Therefore also now, saith the Lord, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning; And rend (tear) your heart, and not your garments, and turn (return) unto the Lord your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great (LOVING) kindness, and repenteth him of the evil (relents from doing harm).’ (Joel 2:12-13) Yes Friends, that’s the wonderful Deity that we serve and worship! But as His word dictates, we have to draw near to Him, seek Him with all our hearts, minds, bodies and souls, if we want to enjoy His many blessings and mercies. Much LOVE!…let him who has ears…hear and repent…or he will eventually feel…the might of God’s wrath…

Today’s Scrip-Bit 25 September 2012 Psalm 130:7

Psalm 130:7.   Let Israel hope in the Lord: for with the Lord there is mercy, and with him is plenteous redemption.

Oh Friends, summer is unfortunately over now, and autumn, fall, the season of marvellous colours; numerous variations of red, brown, yellow and gold, is officially upon us. Thankfully though, most of the leaves are still green, because the cold hasn’t really set in as yet. But the past few nights and mornings have been chilly, with a touch of frost on the ground in some areas, and the wind yesterday was pretty brisk and cold. I had to put on the heat in my house and car the last couple nights and early mornings. Chuh! But yuh know Friends, none of that really matters, for the Lord has promised to look after us in all kinds of weather and any unfortunate situations in which we become entangled. So it’s getting cold, and eventually it will fall to below freezing temps, and snow will fall, and all sorts of negative stuff will happen, because we can’t stop the world from turning and the weather from doing its thing. However my brethren, there is strong assurance for the believer to keep the faith and hope in the Lord. And I’m not only talking about the Bible stories, but also from personal experience my Friends, for I’ve found myself in some dicey situations, in real inclement weather, in which I feared greatly for my safety. But as you can see I’m still here to tell the story, to give the true testimony because our God is a good and faithful God! And I’m sure that many of you have had similar experiences. No wonder the psalmist says with great certainty: ‘I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope. My soul waiteth for the Lord more than they that watch for the morning.’ (Ps.130:5-6) Then he continues in the same assured manner with our Bit. ‘Let Israel hope in the Lord: for with the Lord there is mercy (LOVING-kindness), and with him is plenteous (abundant) redemption.’ Yes Friends, there is no better place to put our HOPE and TRUST than in the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for He has lived up to everyone of His promises, proven Himself faithful from the day of creation, right up to the present time. So why should He not continue in that faithful vein eh? And one thing with our God, He doesn’t mince words; there are no grey areas in His word. He tells it like it is; simple and straightforward! If you do as I ask, I’ll look after you. But if you don’t, then crapaud smoke yuh pipe! Our God is like a human teacher who teaches and tells us about particular subjects, then tests us on them. And believe me Friends, some of those tests can be real rough, but our wonderful God has promised not to let us bear more than we can handle and also to make a way for us to handle whatever comes against us. And all God’s people gave out a mighty and joyful shout of: ‘Glory Hallelujah!’ But yet still Friends, too many of us get anxious and worried at the slightest mishap. Oh my people, it’s time we stop being afraid of our shadows, especially if we claim to be true followers of Jesus. It’s time to truly grow up and trust Him, and this calamitous time is a very good place for us to test our mettle of faith. I’ve learned from hard experience that it’s not easy, and that even when you do get and easy break, it’s usually in between two difficult ones. So to really get that deep-seated trust and faith going, we have to pack our souls with relevant scriptures to help raise whatever aspect we’re lacking. And since we’re talking about HOPE today, let’s get into some scriptures that excite that emotion in us. And there’s no better place to begin than in the Psalms, because they are possibly the greatest purveyors of HOPE in the Good Book. In Psalm 31, which talks about putting one’s trust in God, Bruh David, in the final verse, staunchly assures us: ‘Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.’ (Ps.31:24) Then in Psalm 42, an intense longing for God, the psalmist first questions himself, but also provides a strong and right answer, when he says: ‘Why art thou cast (bowed) down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted within me? Hope thou in God: for I will yet praise him for the help of his countenance (presence).’ (Ps.42:5) Oh Friends, that’s the stuff from which sure strength, courage, trust and faith are built! Now hear this simple but powerful statement from Psalm 71, a prayer for help in old age. ‘But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more.’ (Ps.71:14) Yes mih breddren, that’s exactly what I’m doing as the days of my life roll on. And I strongly suggest that all you old codgers out there should do it too. (smile) Now listen to Jeremiah: ‘The Lord is my portion saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him. The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord.’ (Lam.3:24-26) Oh my people, even in the depths of his lamentations, where his soul was exceedingly sorrowful, Jeremiah still knew on which side his bread was buttered, and refused to give up HOPE in his wonderful God! The scholars note that ‘Jeremiah’s observation resembles those of other saints who have experienced great grief of soul.’ So why should we in all our trials and tribulations, and the constant state of coping in an evil, ungodly world not do the same eh? No reason whatsoever my people! Meanwhile Peter advises his readers thus with his call to Christian dedication: ‘Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind (prepare your mind for action), be sober, and hope to the end for the grace (and rest your hope fully upon the grace) that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.’ (1 Pet.1:13) And fellow believers, we’ll end with some moving words, a universal truth from Jeremiah, which will uplift our spirits to the zenith today. ‘Truly in vain is salvation hoped for from the hills, and from the multitude of mountains: truly in the Lord our God is the salvation of Israel.’ (Jer.3:23) Oh Friends, if Abraham’s God was Israel’s salvation back then, how much more is He ours today eh, in all the evil and ungodliness in which our world is so deeply mired? So fellow believers, let’s all stand strong in the Name of Jesus and fight the good fight, for salvation and eternal life cannot be had through any other source. Much LOVE!…and now Lord…what wait I for my HOPE is in thee…(Ps.39:7)   P.S. It’s a bit long, but I wanted to get in all those scriptures, and we can’t always have it the way we want it. And anyway it’s sweet, so why complain! (smile) Much LOVE! 

Today’s Scrip-Bit 24 September 2012 Psalm 117:1

Psalm 117:1.     O Praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people.

A wise and wonderful Monday morning to all you believers in Christ! Awright, so we’re not all so wonderful or wise in our everyday lives, but we’ve surely made the wisest and best decision of our lives to follow Jesus, and that says a great deal about us. Yes my Friends, those who accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and stand steadfast and strong in their belief are the wisest people in this wicked and cruel world controlled by the arch enemy and master criminal Lucifer. But Jesus has already conquered him and his evil world, (John 16:33) so there’s no need to be anxious or worried about Lucifer’s bombastic carrying’s on. We just have to keep on HEARING the Word, LIVING it, and LOVING our wonderful THREE in ONE God, with all our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. What a joy that is my brethren! And yuh know, even that TRINITY of SPIRITS that’s our DEITY, speaks volumes re the power, glory and magnanimity of our Creator! And so, to give us the boost, the jolt we need, like our first cup of hot, strong java, let’s sing our Monday Morning Battle Hymn to get us in fighting mode. So with all the sincerity and enthusiasm we can muster, let’s sing! ‘Oh Lord God Almighty, Creator of the universe and all therein! We, your humble servants, praise your Holy Name and thank you that this Monday morning we have jobs to go to; jobs we don’t like, jobs that are unfair, difficult and even dangerous, but which serve a useful purpose here on earth; keeping lives and families together. We also thank you Father for the renewed vitality and enthusiasm you’ve wrought in our weary souls over the last two days. It’s that rejuvenation of Spirit which allows us now to sally forth with confidence into the evil, ungodly world that surrounds us, to begin a new week of work, constantly buffeted and bombarded by the enemy’s wicked taunts, wiles and lies. But heavenly Father, we’re not afraid, for we know we’re invincible, sure conquerors, once we’re wearing your powerful, protective spiritual armour. We surrender our all to you, and humbly ask that you let your incredible aura of LOVE, the Holy Spirit, lead and guide all your servants as we go out to meet the enemy in battle. Fill us with steadfast faith, so that we can make worthwhile inroads into the enemy’s ranks, and thereby further your glorious kingdom. We pray this in the Holy Name of your Son, and our Saviour, Jesus Christ. AMEN!’ Wow Friends! Isn’t that a better ‘perker-upper’ than a cup of coffee? For sure! Now since we’re all perked up, let’s get out on to the battlefields of this ungodly world to put up one helluva fight for Jesus: the BEST THING that ever happened to mankind! No wonder our Bit today strongly and joyfully proclaims: ‘O Praise the Lord, all ye nations (gentiles): praise (glorify) him, all ye people.’ Yes my brethren, that’s exactly what the whole world needs to do. Why? ‘For his merciful (LOVING) kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord.’ (Ps.117:2) Now here’s some interesting info from the scholars: ‘Psalm 117. Well known as the shortest chapter in the Bible, this little psalm contains a great message. Though some have denied it an independent existence, attaching it to Psalm 116, Psalm 117 has all three elements of the hymn of praise: a call to praise (v. 1), a cause for praise (v, 2a, b), and a conclusion, which, in this case, is a simple  praise ye the Lord (v. 2c). The fact that the nations and people (lit., “peoples”) are addressed in verse 1 makes this psalm the only one in the Psalter addressed in its entirety to the Gentile world. Its evangelistic mood was still baffling to some of Paul’s readers. This is one of four passages that Paul quotes from the Old Testament in Romans 15, to prove that God is interested in saving the Gentiles.’ And so He is my people. Now let’s check out some of the scriptures that the scholars talk about in Romans 15, which deals with Unity in Christ, in the section titled, ‘The Gospel to the Gentiles.’ Bruh Paul declares thus: ‘Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God. Now I say that Jesus Christ was a minister (became a servant) of the circumcision for the truth of God, to confirm the promises made unto the fathers. And that the Gentiles might glorify God for his mercy, as it is written, For this cause I will confess to thee among the Gentiles, and sing unto thy name. (quoted from Rom.14: 1,3,  and Rom.5:20) And again he saith, Rejoice ye Gentiles, with his people. (quoted from Deut.32:43) And again, Praise the Lord, all ye Gentiles; and laud Him all ye people. (quoted from Ps.117:1) And again, Isaiah saith, There shall be a root of Jesse, and he that shall rise to reign over the Gentiles; in him shall the Gentiles trust. (quoted from Is.11:1,10) And all of that comes from Rom.15:7-12. Just goes to show Bruh Paul’s high standard of education and his incredible ability as a wordsmith. And the scholars explain Bruh Paul’s motives thus: ‘Since God’s purpose has been to unite both Jew and Gentile into one body, diverse convictions and practices in doubtful matters should give way to harmony and unity.’ Oh Friends, if only that would happen in our world eh! Anyway, let’s close with a blessing from Bruh Paul that ends that section, the Gospel to the Gentiles. ‘Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.’ (Rom.15:13) And all God’s people said a loud and prayerful, ‘Amen!’ Much LOVE my brethren!…peaceful unity of all God’s creation…that’s Jesus’ purpose…





Today’s Scrip-Bit 23 September 2012 Proverbs 21:2

Proverbs 21:2.      Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord pondereth the hearts.
Oh Friends, we’re still alive and kicking this Sunday morning! Wow! Praise the Lord for continuing to keep the breath of life in us, along with all the other goodies He blesses us with daily! And for those of us who celebrate the Sabbath on a Sunday, let’s all endeavour to go to church and get in some invaluable praise and worship with fellow believers nuh. Remember Jesus’ promise: ‘For where two or three are gathered together in my name; there I am in the midst of them.’ (Matt.18:20) So please my people, let’s gather together today, as much as possible, and thus allow Jesus to come into the buildings and our hearts in a serious way, so that we can also glorify Him in a serious manner, as we ought to. Remember too that there is strength in numbers, so the more of us gathered in sincere celebration and worship, the bigger footprint we’ll leave, and shadow we’ll cast, both here on earth, and in heaven too. Now here are a couple lines I recently heard in a song – I don’t remember its name or the singer – but these two lines from the chorus struck me as being real meaningful. They claim that: ‘Knowledge is the root of survival. Truth is the way of life.’ And I tend to agree, because if you don’t have knowledge; first of what you want to do, and also of what’s going on in and around you, your chances of survival are slim. We cannot live in a world, especially such a turbulent and troubled one as ours, without knowing what’s happening in it, else we’d soon be swept up and/or away by the evil, ungodly forces that are running rampant right now. And there’s no doubting that for a believer, living in truth is the ultimate lifestyle for us. For if Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH, the LIGHT, and the LIFE, and we’re not living in truth, then we’re just make-believe followers, and have no true calling. And our Bit today talks about just that. ‘Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord pondereth (weighs) the hearts.’ Yes Friends, most of us believe that whatever we do is right and thus truthful, and oftimes that’s correct. But in many cases we’re just fooling ourselves and those around us, but not God. That’s because He simply doesn’t take our outward actions as being gospel, since He knows how deceitful and sinful we truly can be. And that’s why He chooses to look at our hearts, at our true motives before dealing with us. As Cousin Sol says in an earlier chapter; ‘All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the Lord weigheth the spirits.’ (Prov.16:2) Or as the scholars put it: ‘The Lord is the great discerner of motives.’  And if the Lord wasn’t smart enough to first check our hearts and spirits, can you imagine the great amount of stuff we’d do and get away with based on wrong motives? But Friends, the Lord created us, and I know of no creation that’s smarter or wiser than its creator. By the same token, I don’t know when some of us will smarten up and realize that, and stop trying to pull the wool over His eyes, because it foolishly hampers our communication and thus the tenor of our earthly lives with our heavenly Father. Even computers that do such miraculous stuff nowadays need to be programmed, guided, told what to do and how to do it, otherwise we’ll end up with the wasteful situation of garbage in, garbage out. And that’s unfortunately what’s happening to a lot of us today, my brethren. We’re filling our lives, our hearts, minds and spirits with the garbage, the wickedness and ungodliness of the world. So what else can we expect to come back out but wickedness and ungodliness eh? Remember Jesus said it’s not what we put into our stomachs, that’s like eating with unwashed hands, that defiles us, because that’s passed out in the draught, but it’s the evil that comes out of our hearts and mouths that defile us. (Matt.15:17-20) And with our basic sinful nature, plus what’s currently happening in the world, we have to be very careful of what we say and do. As Cousin Sol states later in Proverbs: ‘If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth (weighs) the heart consider it? And he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? And shall he not render to every man according to his works?’ (Prov.24:12)  Yes Friends, that sounds like many of us, claiming we didn’t know, when we very well knew. Now we might get away with that on other men, but definitely not with God, for He knows all, and first digs deep into our souls to discern our true motives before compensating or rewarding us for our works. And if the motives aren’t right, then sorry, there’ll be little or no compensation or reward. So Friends, please let’s stop being like the Pharisees; hypocrites, men-pleasers, who put on a nice outward show, making it seem we’re so righteous and wonderful, but on the inside we’re really just stink and evil. Sadly, that attitude is ever so prevalent in these corrupted and troubled times. So please, I implore us to be very careful not to fall in that trap of Lucifer’s, for it will only put us in God’s bad books, a place we certainly don’t want to be. Much LOVE!…only from a truly righteous heart…can a man reap true righteousness…

Today’s Scrip-Bit 22 September 2012 Zephaniah 2:1

Zephaniah 2:1.         Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired.
Oh Friends, another day has dawned bright and beautiful, though a bit chilly in my area, but still with all the blessings that our faithful God has promised, and has faithfully provided everyday. Blessings like life, mercy, manna, LOVE and forgiveness, just to name a few. But for some reason, many of us either don’t know about, or seem to appreciate these daily blessings, which unfortunately keeps us at loggerheads with each other, which in turn wreaks havoc in our society. Listen to the chorus of this song I recently heard on a T&T radio station. It’s an old fashioned type calypso, apparently penned for T&T’s fiftieth anniversary of Independence, celebrated this past August 31. It says: ‘My prayer dear Lord, is that you keep us in one accord. And if there is a plan, for the destruction of our land. Ah beg you, dear Lord, please stay your hand. My prayer to you dear Lord. Please don’t allow us to continue tearing each other (our nation) apart. Dear Lord, that’s the prayer of my heart.’ Oh my people, that’s a prayer that can be raised up to heaven for almost every nation in our world, because almost all of them are in some sort of turmoil. It can therefore be also applied to our entire world, which is in a truly sad state, with wars and rumours of wars abounding; economic depression, gross poverty and untold sickness in a world of plenty and marvellous medical science, religious confrontation and oppression, and generally speaking very few areas of agreement. Why are we so antagonistic towards each other eh, even in the smallest group, the family? I guess with the exceedingly quick pace of life nowadays, and with all the modern technology and the numerous distractions now available, plus the lack of godly instruction in homes and schools, it’s harder for even families to see eye to eye. And if the smallest and supposedly most close-knit group are at such wide and varied odds, what does that say for the society as a whole eh? It surely doesn’t instil much confidence that we’ll be getting better any time soon. A glaring example of that is the current U.S Presidential campaign. Firstly it’s very partisan, either Republican or Democrat, with no middle ground. Then it’s become so nasty, expensive and more focussed on the personal lives of the candidates, than the numerous serious problems affecting the country and their plans to fix them. Neither side seems truly concerned about the effects that style of campaigning  is having on the country, but are both merely concerned with pushing their own agenda in the wild grab for power. And sadly, though not as much as before, as the U.S. goes, so does the rest of the world. So is there no help for us, you ask? Oh yes Friends, surely, for while there is life, there’s always hope. But what’s the help? My people, we can find it in our Bit and the two verses that follow it. ‘Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired (undesirable nation). Before the decree bring forth (is issued), before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the Lord come upon you, before the day of the Lord’s anger come upon you. Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgement (upheld his justice); seek righteousness, seek meekness (humility): it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord’s anger.’ (Zeph.2:1-3) Yes Friends, Zephaniah was desperately calling on the meek to seek the Lord, because of Judah’s ungodliness, and letting them know how terrible it would be when the Lord’s anger strikes. But they paid no heed and when the conquering forces of Babylon ravished them, everybody just held their heads and bawled. But Friends, it was too late then, and if we don’t smarten up and truly seek the Lord today, we will eventually face the same unwanted, but much deserved fate for our ungodly, evil way of life. Oh my brethren, the day of the Lord will not be forestalled, and the scope of divine judgement will be worldwide and truly harsh. Only the meek and righteous will stand a chance of not being utterly consumed. A lot of societies today take the Word of the Lord for a joke, heaping ridicule on it, but if we really looked at the horrible situation the children of Israel faced for their disobedience in the Old Testament, we wouldn’t take it so lightly. And what do you think will be the Lord’s reaction to those who refused to place their faith in His Son Jesus Christ, whom He innocently sacrificed so that His fallen children could be reconciled to Him? I doubt that His reaction will be very wonderful, for although He is indeed a God of LOVE, mercy and forgiveness, Hs is also a God of justice and righteousness and cannot tolerate sin around Him. And we’ll end with some interesting words from Joel, when he called Judah to repentance and fasting because they were living the same wicked, unrighteous lives that we’re now living. ‘Blow the trumpet (ram’s horn) in Zion, sanctify (consecrate) a fast, call a solemn (sacred) assembly: Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children, and those that suck the breast (nursing babes): let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet (dressing room). Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, Spare thy people, O Lord, and give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen (nations) should rule over them: wherefore should they say among the people (peoples), Where is their God?’ (Joel 2:15-17) Oh my brethren, we certainly don’t want the heathen to rule over us, or to feel the Lord’s full anger, we’re already feeling some with all the calamity that’s befalling our world. So I implore us to all try and improve ourselves, by raising our individual righteousness and humility, thus setting a good example, then start to encourage those around us, friends, families and co-workers to do the same. That’s what we need to do, if we want to see brighter days. It’s the wisdom that’s called for in these turbulent times. Much LOVE!…humans divided…whether in families or nations…will never achieve God’s greatest promises…

Today’s Scrip-Bit 21 September 2012 Colossians 2:6

Colossians 2:6.     As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him.

Oh my beautiful Friends in Christ, it’s Friday, and I hear you expressing that fact in a most joyous fashion, by you exclaiming ‘TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!’ Yeh, even the really tired ones get a second wind come Friday, and are able to perk up because they know that the weekend is about to unfurl. And as always, we’ll remind us that the weekend is not merely for fun and frolic, but also for some serious face time with God, through fellowship and meditation. So let’s put it all in proper perspective by chanting our Friday Chant. With much verve and mucho gusto now. ‘Oh Lord, thanks for getting me safely through another week of work! It hasn’t been easy, but with your generous help, I made it through. Now, please help me to get sufficient fun, fellowship, rest and relaxation in these two short days off, so that I can be renewed and refreshed in soul, body and mind, to go back out and do it all over again next week, furthering your glorious kingdom with each step I take. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.’ Yes my people, we have to use our free time wisely and not let Lucifer and his evil minions make any inroads into our lives by doing ungodly stuff. And that warning fits right in with our Bit today. ‘As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him.’ Words of ultimate wisdom and absolute truth my fellow believers! Bruh Paul is there warning the Colossians about false teachers and teachings cropping up to destroy and /or destabilize their faith in Jesus Christ. Hear the scholars explain it: ‘The verse may be paraphrased thus: “Therefore, just as you accepted the teaching that presents Jesus as both Messiah and Lord, so continue to maintain this relationship with Him.” The recipients had been taught that Jesus is (1) Messiah (the One divinely anointed to secure man’s salvation), and (2) Lord (the divine person to whom man submits in obedience). The heretics denied Jesus’ atoning death and Lordship. So the Colossians are urged to keep Him just as they were initially taught – as Messiah and Lord. They are continue to look to Him for salvation and continue in submission to His authority.’ And without a doubt Friends, all of that also applies to us today! Possibly even more so than to the Colossians, because the days now are so evil and ungodly, don’t know if they have ever been this bad. That makes it very difficult for the ordinary man to discern friend from foe and truth from falsehood. Everybody’s peddling something, and much of it for personal gain. Thankfully I don’t count myself amongst that lot, since I’m not making any physical gains, like money from what I’m doing. However I am benefiting from my studying and writing in the sense that I am becoming more aware of and mature in Christ, and hopefully helping others to do the same. That’s why true believers have to be oh so careful about whom and what they listen to, for all sorts of scam artists are out there pretending to preach and teach the word. Plenty are sincere, but too many are using it for their own glorification and not God’s. That’s why we believers today have to be just like Bruh Paul advised the Colossians: ‘Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving. Beware lest any man spoil you (plunder you or take you captive) through philosophy and vain (empty) deceit, after (according to) the tradition of men, after (according to) the rudiments (basic principles) of the world, and not after (according to) Christ. For in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power (rule and authority).’ (Col.2:7-10) And we’ll end with an informed explanation of that last verse by the scholars. ‘Ye are complete in him (or, “you are filled by Him”); Believers have been filled by Jesus with all the spiritual blessings they need; hence they are “complete” and lacking nothing. This, too refutes the heresy that denied the sufficiency of Christ and encouraged Christians to look to other spiritual beings for help. Five of these blessings, with which believers have been filled, are listed in verses 11-15. They are (1) spiritual circumcision, verse 11; (2) being raised form the old life verse 12; (3) new life, verse 13; (4) the removal of the curse of the law, verse 14; and (5) the conquering of Satan and his demonic forces, verse 15.’ And that’s the gospel truth Friends! Believers lack nothing that’s needed to live successfully in this world. All the necessary seeds have been planted in us from the day we received Jesus and His Holy Spirit that then came to dwell in us. Now we just need to allow that Spirit to raise and grow the seeds of righteousness that are planted in us. Let them develop strong, sturdy roots, so that we can resist the vicious attacks, lies and deceits of the enemy. Therefore my brethren, let’s all contemplate and ponder our individual situations today nuh, re our ‘rootedness’ in Christ. Then let’s take serious action to improve it, for we all can use some improvement in our spiritual lives, especially in these rough and troubled times. Much LOVE!…without the basic principles of Jesus’ teachings…deeply rooted in our souls…believers will not make much headway against Beelzebub…





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