Today’s Scrip-Bit 13 May 2018 Ezekiel 19:10.

Ezekiel 19:10.   Thy mother is like a vine in thy blood (bloodline), planted by the waters: she was fruitful and full of branches by reason of many waters.


And then it was Sunday once again, our favourite day for worship, but it’s also a special Sunday where we celebrate the Mother figures in our lives. Those feminine towers of awesome strength and assurance, the backbone of our society. And in my search, I discovered a real appropriate and praiseworthy hymn dedicated to them. It’s called ‘Honour Christian Mothers’ and is sung to the tune of ‘Onward Christian Soldiers.’ 

So let’s open today’s proceedings paying sincere homage to the matriarchs in our midst nuh. In full voice let’s sing: ‘(Chorus) Honour Christian Mothers, instruments of God; Raising faithful families, worshipping the Lord.) Following His commandments, showing us the way: LOVE and faith and kindness; teaching us to pray. (Chorus) 

“Let it be,” say mothers, trusting to obey, Finding strength, grace for every day. Challenges surround us, but we will not fear. God’s LOVE will sustain us, help, our cross, to bear. (Chorus) God be with our mothers who have gone before, certain of His promise: life forevermore. In His many mansions, LOVE again we’ll share, He will take away all sorrow, wipe away each tear. (Chorus) 

Honour Christian Mothers – Heaven’s gift of LOVE. Join with them in service to the Lord above. Follow their example, let your lights so shine – All will see your goodness, praise the One Divine. (Chorus) Onward, still, ye mothers, tho’ the time will come; Sons will leave their parents, daughters leave their homes. We’ll remain united, Mother’s legacy; One in LOVE and faithfulness, One in charity. (Chorus).’ 

Oh friends, I could not find out the author of those lyrics, but they surely are a terrific tribute to the Mothers that raise and LOVE us! And if you’ll remember people, yesterday morning I got up and went downstairs early on to get something to eat. Well here is what the Lord caused me to write about Mother’s Day, before I came back up to bed. 

‘Wherefore, O wherefore art thou Mothers? Is it because of the original sin that you have been given the painful and difficult, but ever so necessary task of bearing children in thy womb, birthing them in travail, then raising them in deceitful and cantankerous families? 

Well, whatever the reason, I want to acknowledge that you have done a marvellous, a fantastic job down through the ages, and your God and mankind are very proud of you. Therefore, we wish you ALL Mothers, a very happy, blessed and prosperous Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day Mothers! 

And you know, as tears well up in my eyes, my one regret is that my mother, Molly, is not here so I can share those fateful words with her. Oh, like all of us, she had her faults, but nonetheless, she was a mother par excellence! 

Yeh Mols, although it’s been almost seven years now since you went to be with Lord, the ole fella misses you, and is crying, as he seems to do every Mother’s Day without you. That’s the one time the tears come without any reservation whatsoever. (smile) 

And I’m surely sorry if I didn’t treat or appreciate you as well as I should have. But I know in your sweet soul, you’ve already forgiven me for that. So rest in peace, please Mols sugar. And I do hope that you are cavorting in heaven with Jesus and the angels, as is your right as a believer.’ 

Oh friends, there will always be some resilient guilt in us, as to whether we treated our mothers as best we could. But please don’t let it cause us grief, because we’ve already been forgiven for it, since that’s what good mothers do. That brings us to our Bit. ‘Thy mother is like a vine in thy blood (bloodline), planted by the waters: she was fruitful and full of branches by reason of many waters.’ 

And although that scripture was meant to pertain to Israel, there are so few real references to mothers, all of which I have already used. I wanted something new, and this fits the bill perfectly, for that is exactly how mothers are. They are like a fruitful vines planted by nourishing waters, just bearing good fruit regardless of the circumstances. They are like fountains of living waters, always bubbling forth with goodness and mercy. 

One psalmist put it this way: ‘He maketh (causes) the barren (childless) woman to keep house (dwell in a home) and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the Lord.’ (Ps.113:9) Yeh my brethren, we should absolutely praise the Lord for mothers, since we’d be completely lost without them. 

And I’m chuckling here as I come to the end of this Mother’s Day message, because it’s something I also wrote yesterday, though not under my own steam. The Lord played one of His tricks on me. Yesterday morning after I went back up to bed, He got into my head with all sorts of stuff for this message, and finally I had to get up and write it down. 

And this is what I wrote. ‘Son’s honour your mothers because they, or rather you are a significant part of them, since they bore you for nine painful, uncomfortable months, and it’s to them that your navel string was attached. And most likely they’ve played a most significant role in your life. So it behooves you to adore and revere them. 

Daughters, please endear yourselves to your mothers, because one day you might also be a mother. And since we reap what we sow, your child will probably treat you the way you treat your mother. 

And finally, let’s not only celebrate our Mothers on this one day of the year, but everyday of their earthly sojourn, for they have certainly put in their time and testimony to deserve it.’ Much LOVE!

…a Mother’s LOVE…is like the Lord’s…unconditional…always caring…and never ending…


Today’s Scrip-Bit 13 November 2013 Genesis 9:6

 Genesis 9:6. I do set my bow (rainbow) in the cloud, and it shall be for a token (sign) of a covenant between me and the earth.
Ah Friends, what would we do without computers eh? Have a much less stressful life, that’s for certain! Have you ever noticed that they choose the absolute worst time to act up? I sure have. For instance this morning I came down here early to get an early start…
Chuh! I might as well have slept in, because after booting up satisfactorily, the stupid mouse refused to work. I unplugged it, then plugged it back in, banged it on the desk, clicked it numerous times, but nothing happened.
So finally in frustration I went upstairs to get the mouse from my laptop computer. By the time I came back though, I had some 39 entries for Internet Explorer on the go. Hn!
Then you think I could shut them down? No way! I eventually had to switch off the whole computer. Steups! Then by the time it booted back up, there was this message saying it was downloading updates, which slowed up all the stuff I tried to do.
Then to make matters even worse, it cut in and said that the computer needed restarting so that the updates could take effect. Ah Lord eh! By then I was ready to throw it through the window. (smile) But the Spirit of the Lord prevailed, and I simply used a few deleted expletives.
But that’s why I like my typewriter; just turn it on, slip in a piece of paper and go! No laughter from the penny section now my children. Anyway, if that’s the biggest inconvenience that the Lord has planned for me today, then I’ll definitely declare a big, ‘Thank You Lord!’
But I’m not holding my breath, because that might just be the smallest one for the day. However, I know that whatever He causes to come against me, He will help me to work through, once I come to Him with a sincere plea.
As Bruh Paul told the Romans and reminds us today: ‘And we know that all things work together for good to those that LOVE God, to them who are called according to His purpose. (Rom.8:28)
So if we LOVE God, and He’s called us to be one of His elect, then we don’t have to worry about anything, because God will work it out for our good, one way or the other.
Now Friends, today we’re starting a series of messages on the promises of our great and wonderful God. I got this idea from Uncle Charles (Charles Stanley) some weeks ago, when he preached a sermon on it, but I obviously never got around to doing it until the Lord said today’s the day.
And we’ll begin with one of the first promises God made to man, our Bit. ‘I do set my bow (rainbow) in the cloud, and it shall be for a token (sign) of a covenant between me and the earth.’
Yeh Friends, after the Lord caused the flood to wipe out mankind and his evil from His beautiful earth, He covenanted with Noah and his sons, Ham, Shem and Japheth, to set a rainbow in the heavens.
‘And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow (rainbow) shall be seen in the cloud: And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.
And the bow (rainbow) shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.’ (Gen.9:14-16)
So mih people, whenever we see a beautiful rainbow arcing through the sky, let’s remember that God is contemplating His ‘everlasting’ promise to never destroy the earth with water again.
Please note my brethren, that it wasn’t just a promise for some short period of time, but an everlasting one; one that would last forever and ever. That’s how much our God valued His promise to Noah and His earthly creations. And please notice too, that our magnificent God didn’t use some little wishy-washy sign to remind Him, but a glorious arc of beautiful colours set in his blue heaven.
That reminds me of my trip to T&T last year. On the plane from Trinidad to Tobago I espied a beautiful rainbow outside my window, one that followed me all the way to landing, which I took as a good sign; a sign of God’s goodness and faithfulness.
And believe me Friends, the vacation in the land of my birth, or as the old people would say, where my navel string was buried (smile) from which I had been exiled for some thirty years, turned out to be most excellent. So I simply don’t believe the adage that you can never go home again.
In fact I’m hoping to go back again some time in the not too distant future, and eventually spend my last days there. ‘Glory Hallelujah!’
And on that glorious note we’ll close today Friends, because we don’t have enough time and space for another promise. But don’t worry, tomorrow, our God in favour, we’ll look at one or more great promises of our ever-faithful, ever-LOVING, ever-merciful and ever-forgiving God. 
We simply cannot ask for a better Deity than the Lord God Jehovah, He of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Please remember that my people, and live accordingly. Much LOVE!
…to mankind…promises are made to be broken…but to God…promises are made…NEVER TO BE BROKEN…so that His children can always feel safe and secure…in whatever situation…what a wonderful God we serve and worship…